Best in Class Infrastructure - Auditorium, Libraries, Playgrounds and more... Established in 1981- Spread over an area of 7 acres Imparting quality Education - for the all round developemnt of the child Best in Class Infrastructure - Auditorium, Libraries, Playgrounds and more...

Aggarsain Public School

The beautiful dream conceived 34 years back has materialized into a magnificent institute of education. Aggarsain Public School was established by the Maharaja Aggarsain Public School Society (Regd.), Kurukshetra in the year 1981 in holy city of Kurukshetra, Haryana. It is located in Sec-13, Urban Estate, Kurukshetra and is spread over 7 acres of lush green land in a calm, pleasant and pollution free environment. It is co-educational English Medium Public School up to XII standard and is affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi. The school has multi storeyed building with fully furnished and beautifully decorated classrooms.

Winners of Painting & Quiz Competition.
Winner of CBSE Expression Series
Inter-School Quiz
Winners of District Chess Championship-2015
Sparkle Batra of IX D Catches PM Modi's Eye.
Winners of Painting & Quiz Competitions
Nishtha of II B won medals in CBSE Cluster Tournament

Sace Race (Class - KG)
Frog Race (Class - Nursery)
Bunny Race (Class - Kids Garden)
Declamation Contest(Class-Nursery)
Declamation Contest(Class-KG)
Obstacle Race(Class-KG)
Johny Joker(Class -KG)
Musical Chair(Class-Nursery)
Creative Drawing(Class-Nursery)
Clay Modelling(Class-Kids Garden)
Magic painting(Class- Kids Garden)
Friendship Tree(Class-Kids Garden)
Hand Tree(Class Kids Garden)
Lantern making competition
Diya decoration competition (Class II)
Curtain hanger making competition
Bandanwar making competition
Work experience (Classes III - V)
Vigilance Awareness Week Celebration.
English Quiz ( Class (I-V) )
Cleanliness drive Class( I-V)
Inter House Solo Dance Competition
Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy
Dusshera Celebration
Educational Trip(Class - IV)
Hindi Utsav
World Food Day
Sanskrit Utsav (Class V)
Foil design competition(Class III)
Pot decoration competition(Class IV,V)
Educational Trip Class I
Trip to Fish Aquarium(Kids Garden)
Yoga Practice (Class V)
Educational Trip (Class-II)
Trip to Dhillon Fun Park,Patiala(Class - VI)
Presentations on World Day of Non Violence
Awareness Campaign for a Social Cause
World Heart Day Celebration
International Day of the Elderly
Card making on International Day of the Elderly
Blooming Tulip
Musical Chair(KG)
Hopping Frog
Happy Schooling
Clay Modelling
Musical Chair(Nursery)
World Tourism Day
Eid Celebration Primary Section
"Outdoor Competition on Energy Conservation"
Presentation on Sh. Vinoba Bhave
Teacher's Day Celebration-2015
Mind Strech Activity(Class I-V)
Janamashtami Celebration(Pre-Primary & Primary)
Rakhi Making(K.G.)
Three leg Race(K.G.)
Name Game (Class - KG)
Obstacle Race(Nursery)
Let's play Frisbee(Nursery)
Finger Printing(Nursery)
Teddy Bear Parting(Nursery)
On the March(Nursery)
Poem Recitation(Class-Kids Garden)
Hand Tupil (Class-Kids Garden)
Sports Day Celebration
My Favourite Animal(Kids Garden)
Rakhi Celebration (Primary Wing)
Parting Rakhi (Class-Kids Garden)
Inter Class Competitions (VI - X)
Rakhi Decoration and Thali Decoration Competition
Career Guidance Programme
Group Singing on Teej Celebration
Thumb Printing-Butterfly(Class-KG)
Giraffe with hand Printing(Classs- Nursery)
Flag Colouring (Class - KG)
Happy Teej (Class - KG)
Balancing Race (Class- KG)
Happy Teej (Class-Nursery)
Tricolour Band (Class - Nursery)
Long Jump (Class-Nursery)
Colouring Worksheet(Class -Kids Garden)
Colouring National Flag (Class-Kids-Garden)
Little Mouse(Class- Kids Garden)
Lovely Card (Class - Kids Garden)
Teej Celebration
Independence Day Celebration
Essay Writing Competition
English Recitation(Class-KG)
Catch the Fly
Cut For Fun(Class-Nursery)
Bowling Alley(Class - Nursery)
English Recitation(Class-Nursery)
Clay Modelling(Class-Nursery)
Self Introduction (Class-Kids Garden)
Tiny Tots learning table manners in a restsurant.
Pot Decoration Competition
Writing on Kargil Memorial Day
Writing on Sh. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Clay Modeling Activity
Paper Plate Mask Activity
Tiny Tots Enjoying During Field Trip
Career Counselling Session
Girl Child Vaccination Awareness Programme
Eid Celebration(Pre-Primary)
Drawing Contest
Drawing Competition(ICICI)Class-(I-V)
Poem Recitation(Class- I)
Sulekh Pratiyogita (Class I-V)
Cutting & Pasting (Class-KG)
Table Manners(Class-KG)
Wheat to Chhapati(Class-KG)
Dog and the Bone
My Pet(Origami)Class- KG
Ring a Fruit (Class-Nursary)
Bindi Pasting(Class-Nursary)
Table Manners(Class- Kids Garden)
Paper Couliflower(Class-Kids Garden)
Magic Painting (Class-Kids Garden)
Clay Modellling Class(Kids-Garden)
Self Introduction (Class- Nursary)
Declamation Contest
Slogan Writing-Save your Planet(I-V)
Environment week Celebration
Reflection of Digital India Week in APS
APS Family Salute the Doctors
Summer Camp Activity(10/06/2015)
Summer Camp Activity(09/06/2015)
Summer Camp Activity(08/06/2015)
Summer Camp Activity(06/06/2015)
Summer Camp Activity(05/06/2015)
Summer Camp Activity(04/06/2015)
Summer Camp Activity(03/06/2015)
Summer Camp Activities(02/06/2015)
Hobby Classes on 1st June 2015
Inter House General Quiz(Class VI-X)
Run Stop Run
Table Manners(Class - KG)
Custard Apple(Class - KG)
Ladyfinger Printing(Class - KG)
Fire On Mountain(Class - KG)
Sail Boat(Class-Nursery)
Transport Collage(Class-Nursery)
Cut For Fun
Musical Chair(Class- Nursery)
Dodge The Ball(Class - Nursery)
Frisbee (Class - Nursery)
Leaf Printing (Class-Nursery)
Frog Race (Class-Nursery)
Hindi Recitation(Class - Kids Garden)
Transport Collage (Class-Kids Garden)
Crawling Race (Class - Kids Garden)
Lets Sail (Class-Kids Garden)
Magic Painting (Class- Kids Garden)
Colouring WorkSheet Class-Kids Garden
Writing on Common Wealth Day (Class: IV-V)
Origami Activity
Dot To Dot Activity
Declamation on Telecommunication Class-V
Mother's Day Celebration (Class Pre Pri.-V)
International Day of The Family Colouring Activity
International Day of Family Class(I-V)
Garden Meditation(K.G)
Mother's Day Card Making(K.G.)
Magic World(Nursery)
Colouring Activity(Nursery)
Mother's Day Card Making(Nursery)
Clay Modelling(Kids-Garden)
Baloon Dance(Kids-Garden)
Inter House Science Quiz Competition
Paper Hut Class-K.G
Birthday Card Making Class-K.G
Bowling Alley Class-Nur.
Threading Beads Class-Nur.
Relay Race Class-Kids Garden
Clay Modelling Class-Kids Garden
InterHouse Competition Class(VI-VIII)
Our Rich Culture Class-V
Save me to Save earth Class-IV
Save Me Class-III
Be Happy(Doll) Class-II
Save Animals(Elephant) Class-I
Draw & Colour Competition Class-I-V
Calligraphy Act. held on 21/4/15
Workshop for Parents Pre Primary 10 April,15
Workshop by the Teachers
Workshop for the Teachers
Class-K.G Story Telling Competition
Class-K.G Clay Modelling
Class-Nur Shape Clown
Class-Nur Finger Printing
Class-Kids Garden Community Helpers


CCA Result of October-2015 (Senior Wing) 2014-12-10

Inter House Solo Dance Competition 2014-12-10

Vigilance Awareness Week Celebration! 2014-12-10

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy ! 2014-12-10

Dussehra Celebration 2014-12-10

Sanskrit Week Celebration 2014-12-10

Remembering Lt. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam! 2014-12-10

Aggarsain Jayanti Celebration 2014-12-10

Presentations on World Day of Non Violence and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri 2014-12-10

International Day of the Elderly 2014-12-10

Awareness Campaign for a social cause! 2014-12-10

CCA Result September-2015 (Primary Wing) 2014-12-10

CCA Result of September-2015 (Senior Wing) 2014-12-10

World Heart Day 2014-12-10

‘Hindi Utsav’ (28.9.15 to 29.9.15) 2014-12-10

World Heart Day Celebration-2015 2014-12-10


World Tourism Day 2014-12-10

Presentation on Sh. Vinoba Bhave 2014-12-10


Janamashtami Celebration 2014-12-10

CCA Result of August 2015 2014-12-10

Raksha Bandhan Celebration (Primary Wing) 2014-12-10

CCA Result of August (Primary Wing ) 2014-12-10

National Sports Day 2014-12-10


Carrier Guidance Programme 2014-12-10

Independence Day Celebration 2014-12-10

'An Owe to my Motherland' (Pre-Primary Wing) 2014-12-10

Presentation of Quit India Movement 2014-12-10

CCA Result Month of July,2015(Senior Wing) 2014-12-10

Outdoor Competitions (Junior Wing) 2014-12-10

CCA Result of July,2015(JUNIOR WING) 2014-12-10

Pot Decoration Competition 2014-12-10

Career Counselling Session 2014-12-10

Drawing Contest 2014-12-10

Declamation Contest 2014-12-10

Environment Week Celebration 2014-12-10

Digital Day's Programme 2014-12-10

Doctor's Day Celebrated 2014-12-10

Summer Camp 2014-12-10

Workshop on “Innovative Teaching “ 2014-12-10

Inter House General Quiz 2014-12-10

APS students bagged applaud at Heritage Quiz 2014-12-10

Glory at NCC camp 2014-12-10

Workshop on How To Utilize Summer Break 2014-12-10

APS Student catches PM Modi's eyes,applauds her efforts 2014-12-10

Celebration of National Technology Day-2015 2014-12-10

Mother's Day Celebration-2015 2014-12-10

CCA Result of April,2015(Senior Wing) 2014-12-10

CCA Result of April,2015(Junior Wing) 2014-12-10

Inter House Competitions -(April 2015) 2014-12-10

Result of JEE(MAINS) 2015 2014-12-10

Our Brainy Stars 2014-12-10

Celebration of Earth Day 2014-12-10

CCA Result of March(Senior Wing) 2014-12-10

Principal's Annual Report (2014-15) 2014-12-10

Annual Prize Distribution Function 2014-15 2014-12-10

CCA Result of Feb.‏ 2014-12-10

Knowledge of First Aid Can Save Precious Lives 2014-12-10

CCA Result of January(Senior Wing) 2014-12-10


Republic Day Celebration-2015 2014-12-10

Winners of 22nd State Level Ambulance Competitions 2014-12-10

Admission Notice 2015-16 2014-12-10

Winners of Sahoday Quiz Competition 2014-12-10

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Campaign 2014-12-10

CCA Result of November (Senior​) 2014-12-10

CCA Result of Senior Wing December2014 2014-12-10

Opening of Annual Sports Meet 2014 2014-12-10

Abhishek Mittal Class IX marked his brilliance at National Level in National Creativity Olympiad 2014-12-10

Shagun Tyagi brought glory by wining Rs.2500 in CBSE Expression Series on Subramania Bharti 2014-12-10

Arushi brought laurels to school by winning prize in Divisional level Declamation Contest 2014-12-10

Invitation for the Parents 2014-12-10

Result of October 2014 2014-12-10

CCA Result 2014-12-10

Budding Writers of APS 2014-12-10

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